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This demo is a highlight of an in-production game. Help support Grayscale and the team by donating if you would like to see more, thank you!


You are a unique, sentient robot that sputters to life in the middle of a hellish and advanced city. The city is completely walled off from the outside world, causing time and mindless drones to create destruction and rubble. Entrapped with feral-like robots, you must use the environment and the tools in front of them to upgrade themselves in order to have the strength and ability to find a way out.

Unlock deeper and darker secrets that unravel the very catacombs of the city itself. Bigger, smarter, and deadlier robots begin to emerge. Meanwhile, the society outside begins to make contact with the walled in city.


Grayscale fuses the freedom of role-playing games and the immersion of first-person storytelling. Fall into the unique challenge of playing as a customizable robot. Craft your own limbs, build your own weapons, and explore a visually rich, once-bustling city, while piecing together a fascinating story of devotion, loss and redemption. Players exchange body and brain components to best suit play styles and game challenges. Modifications can be attached and combined to alter a weapon’s degree of damage, style, and even the physics of its projectile. All of this inside a fascinating and deep story dragging the player into the mysterious, immersive, and emotional world of Grayscale.


Available right now is the current demo of Grayscale. The demo is a small snippet of the full game in an attempt to highlight the mood, tone, and style that Grayscale will have. This game is currently in production and needs support to get a full release, optimization, localization, 20 hour campaign, and more features! If you want to support the game's creation donate here or visit our official website: fatalstudios.com/grayscale


If you find any game breaking bugs please send them to: fatalstudios.com/contact

This current demo does not have every feature in the full game


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Gave it a go...


Intriguing prototype, keep up the good work. And let's talk, maybe we can do an interview. ;)


Thank you tons for the wonderful video!  We'd be happy to do an interview!! Please send us an email: Anthony@FatalStudios.com 

Happy New Year! You've got mail. ;) 


A most interesting game, wish I could be part of the team this is the type of game that gets the passion going.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer